I was one of those people who thought that they needed a particular environment to write in. When I lived in a house with six other people, I thought, “If only I lived alone, I’d be able to focus on writing more.” When I was in college, I thought, “If only I had a dedicated […]

Part of who I am stems from venturing out of my comfort zone. When I was a kid I made the cheerleading team at school because I stepped out of my comfort zone. As a result, I got to be a part of a team and feel closer to my classmates. In high school, I […]

I am in a competition with Jason Segel. He just doesn’t know it yet. In fact, most of my competitors don’t know that we’re competing. Like my competitors at the gym. If you get on the machine next to me, you have just challenged me. I may pretend to watch TV when you catch me […]

The hardest thing about freelance writing for me is defining my worth. In this profession your skills, talent, and experience are turned into a number value which employers can either validate by hiring you or crush by telling you “that’s way too high.” I’ve changed my rates quite a few times and every time it’s […]

Fall seven times, get up eight. No matter how long I go without blogging or how many times a pitch gets rejected, I always pick myself up and plow forward. This is a skill that’s important to have when you’re a freelance writer. I picked it up from my failed acting career, which started all […]

After submitting many queries without receiving one response, it’s easy to give into rejection and throw a pity party. I am guilty of this even though I believe that publishing is mostly a numbers game.  Every rejection gets me closer to being published or landing a writing gig.  This is what I believe on most […]

Any writer who has taken a writing course or workshop is likely to at some point see an acquaintance get published.  When this happens there are two possible reactions. The “I’m Truly So Happy for You” Reaction Sarah(and not I’m not talking in third person), my good friend from college, got published around our junior year. […]